Metabolic Cooking

Karine Loiser will show you how to prepare quick and easy recipes which are designed with simple fat burning foods. In Metabolic Cooking, all is answered. And absolutely, you can say bye to your boring and tasteless diets.  And more importantly, Karine will show you recipes which will your fat faster. If other programs out there require you to eat more hot peppers, Karine will save you from this hell. Karine herself is known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen”. She will guide you on your mission to accelerate your fat loss without keeping you away from delicious foods that you have been longing to eat.

Together with Dave Ruel, known as the “MuscleCook”, Karine will prove that this Metabolic Cooking is the best or you. Both of them have been featured in and on many radio programs, websites, TV shows, and magazine such as: Muscle&Fitness, CBC Radio Canada, Fit&Firm Females, Iron Man,, MensHealth, Robert Kennedy’s Musclemag, PHG, and TVA WOD world of diet. This is proving that they are very much trustworthy and recommended. If you have been fed up with some other cookbooks with empty promises out there, this recommendation is worth a try.

In Metabolic Cooking, you will be shown 3 problems which make many cookbooks out there fail to give you the promised result. The problem number one is that the cookbooks use the wrong ingredients. Instead of using fat burning ingredients, they use some storing fat ingredients including sugar, margarine, etc. The problem number two is that the contents onside all those cookbooks are not structured and organized well. Often, they are only recipes which will not burn your fat. What a liar! The problem number 3 is that the cookbooks will make you eat the same un-metabolic food over and over again, which finally will slow down your metabolism.

As the solutions for all those problems, Karine and Dave have designed the Metabolic Cooking recipes with high metabolic thermo charge components. The thermo charge of foods will show you how many calories your body is going to burn. The great profiling system makes this cookbook easy to use and able to guide you to see precisely what nutrients you're taking in and make sure that each meal the best for your metabolic rate. The system also makes this book the best all-in-one meal management system ever. This e-book also helps you combat the metabolic adaptation phenomenon which often occurs at the point on your diet plans. This will be done by varying your nutrient intakes routinely and this will eventually ensures your metabolism stays on fire.

There are more than 250 fat torching recipes in this Metabolic Cooking. The built-in nutritional system will make you able to manage your nutrition in a simpler way. You will be shared secrets about 10 cooking and nutritional rules. You will be shown how to make your own fat loss meal plan program. You will learn how to manage your kitchen too, as well as your meal preparation and budget. You will also be provided their personal grocery shopping list, and much more. The 60-day money back guarantee makes the purchase of this worthy and valuable cookbook safe.